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aholic meaning

"aholic" in a sentence
  • suffix

    liking something very much; addicted to: She's a shopaholic.a workaholica webaholic (i.e. an Internet addict)a milkaholic
  • Yost is an admitted Internet-aholic and fascinated with computers.
  • He's a self-confessed food-aholic.
  • "I'm not a game-aholic.
  • aholic professor husband, whose late father was himself an academic star.
  • I look at it like being an alcoholic _ a dip-aholic.
  • My name is Chris, and I'm a Vioxx-aholic.
  • "I'm like a basketball coach-aholic that bottoms out.
  • He was just a wrestle-aholic.
  • Yes, I'm a WB drama teen-aholic and proud of it.
  • He is a basketball-aholic ."
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