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agnosias meaning

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  • [Medicine]
    Loss of the ability to comprehend the meaning or recognize the importance of various forms of stimulation that cannot be attributed to impairment of a primary sensory modality. Tactile agnosia is characterized by an inability to perceive the shape and nature of an object by touch alone,despite unimpaired sensation to light touch,position,and other primary sensory modalities.


  • Visual-spatial agnosia
  • Visual object agnosia
  • Visual space agnosia
  • Heinrich Lissauer shared his ideas about agnosia after Wernicke and Kussmaul.
  • Importantly, W . F . gave no evidence of agnosia.
  • Agnosia only affects a single modality, such as vision or hearing.
  • Organizational strategies may be extremely helpful for an individual with visual agnosia.
  • Impairment at this stage would be consistent with apperceptive agnosia.
  • The first indication of the language problem is usually auditory verbal agnosia.
  • Broadly, visual agnosia is divided into apperceptive and associative visual agnosia.
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