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aggrandisement meaning

"aggrandisement" in a sentence

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  • His opportunity for territorial aggrandisement came during the Napoleonic wars.
  • Self promotion and / or aggrandisement is not a correct use for Wikipedia.
  • It was the first action of his long career of conquest and aggrandisement.
  • It is a reasonably flat article, but I view it as self aggrandisement.
  • The rest of his life Rodrigo devoted to the aggrandisement of his newfound order.
  • Gaston succeeded him and continued in his policies of aggrandisement and friendly church-state relations.
  • However, a new obstacle to Mackenzie's campaign of self-aggrandisement now arose.
  • Apart from the semi-impotent Polish court, no responsible Pole dreamed of aggrandisement in Sweden.
  • He believed that the jealousy of Russian aggrandisement and the dread of Russian power were absurd exaggerations.
  • Critics of self-experimenters point to other less savoury motivations such as simple self-aggrandisement.
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