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aggradation meaning

"aggradation" in a sentence

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  • /ag-rəd-āˈshən/ noun

  • [Architecture]

    The addition of a material to the earth's surface to promote the uniformity of a grade or slope.


  • Aggradated plain aggradation plain
  • aggradation plain aggradated plain
  • Analysis of aggradation environment of yima formation of jurassic in gengchun mine field, yima coal field
  • To improve the river reconstruction technique, it is necessary to investigate mechanism and effect of flow control and aggradation for permeable pile dike
  • Mainstream aggradation also formed numerous bars, further establishing braided morphology.
  • Aggradation occurs when there is a supply of sediment and changes in water flow.
  • In 1938, the pier was last moved further north due to proceeding aggradation.
  • This had resulted in measured aggradation of the river bottom of as much as 5 metres.
  • "' Aggradation "'in geology is the building up of sediment in unoccupied spaces.
  • Aggradational environments are often undergoing slow subsidence which balances the increase in land surface elevation due to aggradation.
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