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agglutinins meaning

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  • [Medicine]
    Substances,usually of biological origin,that cause cells or other organic particles to aggregate and stick to each other. They also include those antibodies which cause aggregation or agglutination of a particulate or insoluble antigen.


  • The antibodies that bring this about are called agglutinins.
  • In some cell lines there is a similar periodicity in changes of cell surface antigenicity or response to wheat germ agglutinin.
  • Experience in nursing one case of cold agglutinin syndrome
  • Analysis of high-titer cold agglutinins causing cross-matching test difficult
  • Wheat germ agglutinin
  • An increased glomerular staining with peanut agglutinin lectin, indicative of removal of neuraminic acid, was noted
  • Effect of yiqi huayu recipe on peanut agglutinin-binding molecules and schwann's cells in rats after lumbar nerve root compression
  • The cold agglutinin detected is of anti-i specificity.
  • This is the case in both cold agglutinin disease and cold paroxysmal hematuria.
  • Individuals with cold agglutinin disease present with signs and symptoms of hemolytic anemia.
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