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agglutinative languages meaning

"agglutinative languages" in a sentence
  • or agglutinative languages plural noun
      Languages in which words are inflected by agglutination
  • Uyghur language is a type of agglutinative language, in which words are formed by attaching suffixes a stem
  • In analytic languages and agglutinative languages, markers are generally easily distinguished.
  • The item-and-arrangement approach fits very naturally with agglutinative languages.
  • Komi is an agglutinative language and adheres to a subject object verb order.
  • Prefixes and suffixes are numerous, partly because Korean is an agglutinative language.
  • Sona is an agglutinative language with a strong tendency towards being an isolating language.
  • However, extreme derivations similar to ones found in typical agglutinative languages do exist.
  • The Andamanese languages are agglutinative languages, with an extensive prefix and suffix system.
  • This allows linguists to write relatively simple syntactic grammars, even for agglutinative languages.
  • Like most Siberian languages, Manchu is an agglutinative language that demonstrates limited vowel harmony.
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