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agency shop meaning

"agency shop" in a sentence
  • noun (N American)
      An establishment in which the union, usu by agreement with the management, represents all workers whether they are members of it or not
  • Alluring posters of Bali are mandatory in Tokyo travel agency shop windows.
  • That arrangement is known as an agency shop.
  • They cater to the bigger agency shops.
  • Rosenstein said the museum was being anti-union for rejecting the agency shop demand.
  • See the Agency shop article for clarification.
  • Right-to-work statutes forbid unions from negotiating union shops and agency shops.
  • The local NEA affiliate, the Livermore Education Association, won an agency shop contract in 1994.
  • CTA officials refuse to say how many people are non-members paying an agency shop fee.
  • Just 3 percent used the agency shop, while 6 . 5 percent had the open shop.
  • Other forms of union security agreements, such as the closed shop and agency shop, are extremely rare.
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