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aesthete meaning

Synonyms of "aesthete""aesthete" in a sentence
  • Noun: aesthete  estheet [N. Amer], eestheet [Brit]
    1. One who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature
      - esthete [US]

    Derived forms: aesthetes

    Type of: cognoscente, connoisseur

    Encyclopedia: Aesthete

  • Numerous artists, aesthetes, artists and writers are trying to embody this idea in their works
  • Behind every footballing tough guy there lurks a mincing aesthete with a love of art for art ? sake, football for football ? sake
  • It is an easy life, the life of the aesthete.
  • Monty is a melodramatic aesthete and Marwood realizes he is homosexual.
  • Inventive he may be, but Kalunde is no aesthete.
  • Have the Nuyoricans, those anti-establishment aesthetes, sold out?
  • Leonardo's design pleases aesthetes as much as engineers.
  • A fundamental characteristic of the aesthete is " immediacy ".
  • But they are really mere conservatives, masquerading only as aesthetes ".
  • Now, the practical man is no eggheaded aesthete.
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