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aesthesiometer meaning

"aesthesiometer" in a sentence
  • Another type of manual aesthesiometer is used to test lower thresholds of touch or pain.
  • In 1858, he devised an aesthesiometer, a device for measuring tactile sensitivity of the skin.
  • Also, a "'thermal aesthesiometer "'is used to determine sensitivity of thermal stimuli.
  • An non-intrusive device called a "'corneal aesthesiometer "'is used to test cornea nerve sensitivity by using a controlled pulse of air as stimulation.
  • The Semmes-Weinstein Aesthesiometer, and its variant the Weinstein Enhanced Sensory Test ( WEST, e . g ., WEST-hand ), present nylon monofilaments of approximately the same length ( 38 mm ) and of varying diameters.
  • To differentiate between two points and one point of equal area ( the sum of the areas of the two points equals the area of the third point ), Dr . Sidney Weinstein created the three-point esthesiometer ( re : Weinstein Aesthesiometer ).
  • Whereas Dr . Weinstein used 3-digit numbers to reflect the force of the Semmes-Weinsein Aesthesiometer ( 3 digit number equals the common log of the force measured in tenths of a milligram ), the WEST esthesiometers ( also created by Weinstein and group ) use grams ( e . g ., 0 . 70 g ) to describe the force.
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