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adiabatic compression meaning

"adiabatic compression" in a sentence

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  • [Thermodynamics]
    "A reduction in volume of a substance without heat flow, in or out."


  • adiabatic compression heating
  • adiabatic compression temperature
  • Optimization of adiabatic compression in dispersion decreasing fiber using distributed raman amplification
  • This is caused by a combination of kinetic ( friction ) heating and adiabatic compression
  • There is also a danger of explosion when working with TFE, from adiabatic compression.
  • The adiabatic compression formula is a special case dealing with compression where no net heat is transferred.
  • As the air descends on the leeward side, it is warmed by adiabatic compression at the dry adiabatic lapse rate.
  • In industry, pipework is flushed with pressurized nitrogen, before the introduction of TFE, both to exclude oxygen and to avoid adiabatic compression.
  • Micro-dieseling is a process in which an air bubble transitions from a low pressure zone to a high pressure zone resulting in adiabatic compression.
  • The Carnot cycle is considered to start from an initial condition of the working body that was reached by the completion of a reversible adiabatic compression.
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