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address books meaning

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be on the books
1. To have one's name on an official list 2. To be a member or client
[Business] noun [pl.] STATUTORY BOOKS 1 ( Accounting ) (also account books ) the written record of the financial affairs of a business: People who run their own busin...
on the books
[American slang] Go to on record
Noun: address    u'dres or 'a`dres The place where a person or organization can be found or communicated with  (computer science) the code that identifies where a pie...
address to
address yourself to sth formal to deal with or discuss a particular subject or problem: ▪ The committee will address itself to three main issues. ▪ The new administration ...
account books
[Medicine] Books in which personal or commercial accounts of financial transactions are recorded. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary,2d ed)
balance the books
[American idiom] to determine through accounting that accounts are in balance, that all money is accounted for. • Jane was up all night balancing the accounts. • The cashier was not ...
books of account
[Business] noun [pl.] ( Accounting ) the written financial records of a business SYN ACCOUNTS ⇨ BOOKS (1); [Law] (accounting records) Records that disclose a...
close the books
[American idiom] to put an end to a matter that concerns someone or something. (The books here refers to financial accounting records.) • It's time to close the books on the Franklin ca...
cook the books
(informal)   To falsify accounts, etc; [American slang] Go to cook the accounts . ; [Finance] To deliberately falsify the financial statements of a company. This is an illega...
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