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act of faith meaning

"act of faith" in a sentence
  • [American idiom]
    an act or deed demonstrating religious faith; an act or deed showing trust in someone or something.
    He lit candles in church as an act of faith.
    For him to trust you with his safety was a real act of faith.

  • [American slang]
    n. phr. An act or a deed that shows unquestioning belief in someone or something. It was a real act of faith on Mary's part to entrust her jewelry to her younger sister's care.
  • It took a greater act of faith than i was capable of to believe that they would abide willingly by an inconclusive outcome.
  • They had come this far through successive acts of faith that had enabled them to transcend the vicissitudes of history.
  • You know auto da fe means act of faith
  • However, with mutable objects, this is simply an act of faith
  • It was an act of faith, and even leonide appeared satisfied
  • Ay, well, they ll make their own grand little act of faith
  • Its an act of faith
  • Moving to shanghai required an act of faith, but i don't know if i would able to find work, i did
  • In fact, the approval was as much an act of faith and of political calculation as a full endorsement
  • Call it an act of faith or the powers of suggestion.
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