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act of contrition meaning

"act of contrition" in a sentence
  • noun (RC)
      A prayer expressing penitence
  • Since then, the government has made acts of contrition.
  • And a tiny plastic card with the Act of Contrition.
  • These acts of contrition are less persuasive for their frequency.
  • But Sun suggested that further acts of contrition were needed.
  • Or will it be an authentically religious act of contrition ?-0-
  • But what can these formal acts of contrition achieve?
  • I will be criticized by all sides for my late act of contrition,
  • I will be criticized by all sides for my late act of contrition.
  • There is not a single teardrop or act of contrition for past atrocities.
  • The Jewish volume is also an act of contrition of sorts for Greece.
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