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acquirement meaning

Synonyms of "acquirement""acquirement" in a sentence
  • Elizabeth's mind ran on acquirements to an almost morbid degree.
  • One man's life or death were but a small price to pay for the acquirement of the knowledge which i sought.
  • I suppose his acquirements and abilities, perhaps his wealth and good blood, make amends for any little fault of look.
  • Realization of a high-speed data acquirement system
  • Formation and acquirement of student's indistinct knowledge
  • Preschools'developnent and acquirement of na ve theory of biology
  • Interlanguage and its positive effects in second language acquirement
  • Countermeasure to the problems in adult english vocabulary acquirement
  • On the acquirement and cultivation of children's early intellectual ability in human communication
  • Reasearch and application of the knowledge acquirement or ganization for agriculture expert system
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