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acquiree meaning

"acquiree" in a sentence
  • [Finance]
    A firm that is being acquired.
  • The " acquisition date " refers to the date on which the acquirer actually obtains the control on the acquiree
  • Against that backdrop, the role of acquiree seems a strange one for U . S . Filter.
  • Unless two companies actually recapitalize themselves with a new stock, there is always an acquirer and an acquiree.
  • He added that some might question the deal because of Hicks, Muse's connection to both the acquirer and the acquiree.
  • "It makes it clearer what the thrift's value is, whether we are an acquirer or an acquiree,"
  • For merger negotiations, the SC said the acquirer and the acquiree are required to appoint an independent auditor to perform due dilligence audits.
  • Local companies tend to be the acquirer, like Weyerhaeuser, now bidding to buy Portland-based Willamette Industries, rather than the acquiree.
  • With 2002 revenue of $ 1 . 6 billion, Siebel Systems " looks a lot more like an acquirer than an acquiree,"
  • He said there aren't any offers on the table and the company intends to be the " acquirer rather than the acquiree ."
  • "I just don't view Fleet as a potential acquiree anymore, " said Loomis Sayles & AMP; Co . analyst Steven Wharton.
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