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acknowledgement meaning

Synonyms of "acknowledgement""acknowledgement" in a sentence
  • Noun: acknowledgement  uk'nólijmunt
    1. The state or quality of being recognized or acknowledged
      "she seems to avoid much in the way of recognition or acknowledgement of feminist work prior to her own"
      - recognition, acknowledgment 
    2. A statement acknowledging something or someone
      - acknowledgment

    Derived forms: acknowledgements

    See also: acknowledged, unacknowledged

    Type of: acceptance, content, message, subject matter, substance

    Encyclopedia: Acknowledgement

  • [Business]
    AmE / noun [C,U]

    a letter saying that sth has been received:

    I didn't receive an acknowledgement of my application.

    a letter of acknowledgement


  • The us government made no formal acknowledgement.
  • I received a gracious letter of acknowledgement ..
  • He just moved in acknowledgement of her curtsey.
  • He smirked in acknowledgement of their uncouth greetings, and sat down.
  • Lord muttered an acknowledgement and allowed his hand to be shaken.
  • I was touched to find, in the two pages of polite, preliminary acknowledgements of debt, my own name.
  • We expressed our acknowledgements and sat down behind the door where there was a lame invalid of a sofa.
  • Jane austen sent a suitable acknowledgement and accepted an invitation to visit the famous library at carleton house.
  • But if there is no acknowledgement, no reciprocation
  • My acknowledgement on issues concerning economic cycle
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