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acidify meaning

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  • Verb: acidify  u'sidu`fI
    1. Make sour or more sour
      - sour, acidulate, acetify 
    2. Turn acidic
      - acetify

    Derived forms: acidified, acidifies, acidifying

    See also: acid, acidification

    Type of: change state, change taste, turn

    Antonym: alkalize

  • [Medicine]
    vb -fied; -fy·ing vt
    1 : to make acid
    2 : to convert into an acid
    ¦ vi : to become acid — acid·i·fi·able adj — acid·i·fi·ca·tion n — acid·i·fi·er n


  • Conservators are also working on treatments to de-acidify paper.
  • Carbon dioxide dissolved in blood forms carbonic acid, which acidifies the blood.
  • Some gardeners use coffee grounds to help acidify soils.
  • The second part of the Winkler test reduces ( acidifies ) the solution.
  • In synaptic transmission in neuronal cells, V-ATPase acidifies synaptic vesicles.
  • Skim milk is held until lactic acid bacteria acidify and coagulate its proteins.
  • Does that mean that I will get better color if I acidify the soil?
  • You also can acidify the soil with powdered sulfur in the spring and fall.
  • It also can acidify other surfaces it touches or be washed into the ocean.
  • Upon further acidification " Ferroplasma " will also develop and further acidify.
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