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achieve meaning

[ ə'tʃi:v ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "achieve""achieve" in a sentence
  • Verb: achieve  u'cheev
    1. To gain with effort
      "she achieved her goal despite setbacks"
      - accomplish, attain, reach

    Derived forms: achieves, achieving, achieved

    See also: achievable, achievement, achiever

    Type of: bring home the bacon, come through, deliver the goods, succeed, win

    Encyclopedia: Achieve, Inc

  • [Business]
    verb [+ obj]

    to succeed in reaching a particular goal, status or standard, especially by making an effort for a long time:

    The company achieved its target of a 15% increase in sales this year.

    The group had failed to achieve expected price improvements.

    to achieve a goal/ an objective/ a target

    achievable // adjective:

    Profits of $20 m look achievable.


  • The exchequer early achieved independence.
  • Your work seems to be achieving nothing.
  • Only after many setbacks was success achieved.
  • You cannot achieve such and such results.
  • Do n't get cocky when you 've achieved something.
  • Remarkable economic results have been achieved.
  • General stability has been achieved in the country.
  • Very good results have been achieved in rural reform.
  • Do not belittle what he has achieved.
  • All this cannot be achieved overnight.
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