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accusingly meaning

Synonyms of "accusingly""accusingly" in a sentence
  • Adverb: accusingly  u'kyoozinglee
    1. In an accusing manner
      "he looked at her accusingly"

    See also: accusing

  • "man, you sure waste matches," he said accusingly.
  • She pointed suddenly at me, and every one looked at me accusingly.
  • "man, you sure waste matches, " he said accusingly
  • "he s got it in him, i tell you, from his father, " mr . higginbotham went on accusingly
  • Some simply stand and weep or glare accusingly at the Kremlin.
  • And there are all those envelopes piled up accusingly on the chair.
  • He pointed to it accusingly from the dining room.
  • Pfeiffer said, brandishing an index finger accusingly.
  • Mom ducked her head in and sniffed accusingly.
  • Among the flower beds, a copper statue of Lenin points accusingly at the future.
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