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accord with meaning

"accord with" in a sentence

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  • accord with sth formal to contain the same ideas, information etc as something else, especially so that they both seem right:
    Her evidence accorded with that of the other witnesses.
    This view would seem to accord with Marx's own theories on the subject.
    SIMILAR TO: agree with, back up


  • This accords with the aspirations of the people ...
  • This seemed to accord with his desire.
  • The hearts of our people accord with those of yours.
  • This is quite in accord with the season.
  • What you say does not accord with the previous evidence.
  • His actions accord with his words.
  • The quantum theory of light is in complete accord with these observations.
  • The department most in accord with media and congressional criticism became, unintentionally, its focus.
  • If we leave each system to itself,then the state function for each system will change in accord with (7、145).
  • The german naval staff were in hearty accord with all the postponements; indeed, they instigated them.
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