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acclimation meaning

Synonyms of "acclimation""acclimation" in a sentence
  • Noun: acclimation  `aklu'meyshun
    1. Adaptation to a new climate (a new temperature or altitude or environment)
      - acclimatization, acclimatisation [Brit]

    Sounds like: acclamation

    Derived forms: acclimations

    See also: acclimate

    Type of: adaptation, adaption, adjustment

    Encyclopedia: Acclimation

  • [Medicine]
    Adaptation to a new environment or to a change in the old. n : acclimatization esp. by physiological adjustment of an organism to environmental change
  • acclimation in partial nitrification process of long mcrt
  • We found it increased abviously about 7 days cold acclimation
  • Cultural acclimation-a new angle for studying generational behavior of floating population
  • acclimation of foliar photosynthetic apparatus of three tropical woody species to growth irradiance
  • The process is called heat acclimation and is routinely seen in athletes training in hot weather
  • The effects of cold acclimation on the freezing resistance and total soluble protein in populus tomentosa seedlings
  • Leaf photosynthetic and anatomic acclimation of four tropical rainforest tree species to different growth light conditions
  • acclimation of lamina mass per unit area, photosynthetic characteristics and dark respiration to growth light regimes in four tropical rainforest species
  • Cold hardening ( cold acclimation ) processes taking place in plants before the onset of winter that prepare them to withstand low temperatures
  • The applause he received was a universal thunder of acclimation ."
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