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acceptable losses meaning

"acceptable losses" in a sentence

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  • Previously news division had been acceptable loss leaders for networks.
  • Acceptable losses were to be around 400 fighters and 100 150 pilots.
  • They did this, at acceptable loss rates, by night bombing.
  • Oh well, it's an acceptable loss.
  • We seem to fall into the acceptable losses.
  • Then they decide on acceptable losses.
  • McCrie, the criminology professor, said the banking industry considers these " acceptable losses ."
  • _Acceptable losses : You gotta crush the frustration factor by hiding a few in plain sight.
  • The plan is predicated on the principle of inevitable and acceptable losses in the face of unavoidable conflict.
  • The bank scaled back its outer limit for acceptable losses to $ 250 million and overhauled the way it thought about risk.
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