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accelerate meaning

[ æk'seləreit ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "accelerate""accelerate" in a sentence
  • Verb: accelerate  ak'selu`reyt
    1. Move faster
      "The car accelerated"
      - speed up, speed, quicken 
    2. Cause to move faster
      "He accelerated the car"
      - speed, speed up

    Derived forms: accelerating, accelerated, accelerates

    See also: acceleration, accelerator, acceleratory

    Type of: alter, change, deepen, intensify, modify

    Antonym: decelerate

    Encyclopedia: Accelerate

  • [Business]

    1 [+ obj or no obj]

    to happen or to make sth happen faster or earlier than expected:

    Technological change is accelerating.

    Job losses have accelerated in the last two months.

    The company has announced it is accelerating its cost-cutting programme.


    2 [no obj]

    (about the economy) to increase in activity so that demand for goods increases:

    Will consumption slow before the global economy starts to accelerate?


    3 (Finance ) [+ obj]

    to demand that a debt is paid back at once or more quickly than first agreed, because the person who has borrowed the money has failed to make regular payments:

    Their major investor is now seeking to accelerate the loan.

    acceleration // noun [sing; U]:

    a sharp acceleration in the rate of economic growth

    the acceleration of technological progress

  • [Medicine]
    vb -at·ed; -at·ing vt : to cause to move faster or speed up ‹accelerated speech and motor activity in manic patients›; also : to cause to undergo acceleration
    ¦ vi : to move faster : gain speed
  • The diffusion process seems to be accelerating.
  • An expansion wave in accelerating flow broadens.
  • Degradation is accelerated following leaf detachment.
  • The end would be accelerated growth.
  • The sale of offices was accelerated.
  • The heart rate is regularly accelerated and then retarded.
  • Let 's accelerate the speed of our community construction.
  • I will not recommend you for accelerated promotion at this point.
  • accelerated beams of deuterons bombarding a target will not work.
  • The particle will accelerate under the action of the applied force.
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