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accelerando meaning

Synonyms of "accelerando""accelerando" in a sentence
  • Adjective: accelerando  ak`selu'randow
    1. Gradually increasing in tempo
    Noun: accelerando  ak`selu'randow
    1. A gradually increasing tempo of music
      "my ear will not accept such violent accelerandos"
    Adverb: accelerando  ak`selu'randow
    1. With increasing speed
      "here you must play accelerando"

    Derived forms: accelerandos

    See also: increasing

    Type of: pacing, tempo

    Encyclopedia: Accelerando

  • True to form, Strauss is shown imposing a sneaky accelerando.
  • Corigliano : It's called " accelerando finale ."
  • A frenzied accelerando played by both instruments concludes the piece.
  • "Stupidity : crescendo accelerando, " he finally raises his voice.
  • Charles Stross also refers to a type of magical Accelerando " ( 2005 ).
  • Like an " accelerando " in a romantic symphony, the pulse is quickening.
  • It opens with the accelerando leads into a fast arpeggio played in sixteenth-note triplets.
  • A thunderous beginning leads into a gradual crescendo and accelerando consisting of layered polyrhythms in various registers.
  • Charles Stross's 2005 novel " Accelerando " . also developed interstellar travel by sail.
  • An accelerando then introduces the allegro moderato section which is based upon the opening melody from the bassoon.
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