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accede meaning

Synonyms of "accede""accede" in a sentence
  • Berthe acceded to all her husband's proposals.
  • I whispered to catherine that she mustn't, on any account, accede to the proposal.
  • A queen regnant must accede to the wishes of her minister as to the personnel of the female part of her household.
  • "please don't bear me malice because i can't accede to your wish," said davidson, with a melancholy smile.
  • Non-signatory states may accede to the present convention whether or not they have been represented at the international conference at brussels.
  • President nixon has acceded chinese communist demands by publicly pledging, for the first time, to withdraw all american forces and military installations from taiwan.
  • China acceded to two international conventions of wipo
  • Influence of acceding to wto upon natural gas industry in china
  • Queen victoria acceded to the throne in 1837
  • acceding to the wto and reforming managerial psychology in china
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