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abuzz meaning

Synonyms of "abuzz""abuzz" in a sentence
  • Adjective: abuzz  u'búz
    1. Noisy like the sound of a bee
      "the room was abuzz over the latest scandal"
      - buzzing

    See also: noisy

  • The class is abuzz with discussion.
  • In less than twenty-four hours london was abuzz.
  • Inside the school, everyone was abuzz about the bizarre weather
  • The diplomatic community is abuzz
  • The area on the north coast around the island's biggest city, fukuoka, is abuzz
  • Given this understanding, the british people feel little burden in keeping the corner abuzz with speeches
  • Dislike the woman of big voice, dislike abuzz environment, dislike the voice of surroundings everything
  • Her arrival sets the whole town abuzz, wakes up old conflicts, and sets off new emotional storms
  • All of the Morristown area seemed abuzz Tuesday with the news.
  • The Astrodome was all abuzz with the promise of Randy Johnson.
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