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absolute units meaning

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  • plural noun
      Those derived directly from fundamental units and not based on arbitrary numerical definitions

  • [Electronics]
    Fundamental physical units (see ABSOLUTE SYSTEM OF UNITS) from which all others are derived. See, for example, AMPERE, OHM, VOLT, and WATT.


  • Bau british absolute unit
  • The elements might move as the page is resized, according to whether you use absolute units or percentages for the table and cell widths
  • Absolute gravimeters measure the local gravity in absolute units, gals.
  • Absolute units such as " picoseconds " are more common in microprocessor applications.
  • The decibel unit can also be combined with a suffix to create an absolute unit of electric power.
  • This was particularly evident where it removed the need to set sizes in absolute units such as pixels.
  • Flux & Zoom requires the absolute units of pixels or points and cannot use relative units of percentages.
  • Unlike other assays, this test provides quantitative measurements of allergen levels in food products in absolute units.
  • Since it is referenced to the watt, it is an absolute unit, used when measuring absolute power.
  • Those units were known as absolute units and so the equivalent of the statohm was the abohm and their proportions were:
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