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absolute temperature meaning

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  • Noun: absolute temperature  'absu`loot 'tempuruchu(r)
    1. Temperature measured on the absolute scale

    Derived forms: absolute temperatures

    Type of: temperature

    Encyclopedia: Absolute temperature

  • [Electronics]
    Temperature measured on either the Kelvin or Rankine scales, where zero represents the total absence of heat energy.


  • Approximate absolute temperature scale
  • Mat manifold absolute temperature
  • The pressure of a gas is ( directly ) proportional to its absolute temperature when its volume remains constant
  • The variation of the return rate constant k with different absolute temperature t deviates arrhenius empiric equation
  • Absolute thermometers are calibrated numerically by the thermodynamic absolute temperature scale.
  • Absolute temperatures are stated in units of kelvin in his honour.
  • In fact, the pressure is proportional to the absolute temperature.
  • The absolute temperature of the Cosmic microwave background radiation is known.
  • SI units are used for absolute temperature, not Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • The speed of a gas particle is proportional to its absolute temperature.
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