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absolute scale meaning

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  • Noun: absolute scale  'absu`loot skeyl
    1. A temperature scale that defines absolute zero as 0 degrees; water freezes at 273.16 degrees and boils at 373.16 degrees
      - Kelvin scale

    Derived forms: absolute scales

    Type of: temperature scale

  • [Electronics]
    1. A scale in which the zero value indicates the lowest physically possible value that a parameter can attain.
    2. A standard scale for measurement of a quantity.
    3. A universally agreed-upon scale for the determination of a variable quantity.
    4. The Kelvin temperature scale.
    5. The Rankine temperature scale.

  • [Thermodynamics]
    See absolute temperature scale


  • Usage suggestion on the absolute scale standard to control merge in anti-monopoly law in our country
  • On the whole, the absolute scale of public finance of education is gradually increasing, but the relative scale is shrinking
  • Tax evasion mainly exists in open economy, the severest of which being the absolute scale of value added tax
  • Neither system works as well in formulae as the absolute scale systems of Rankin / Kelvin.
  • Well-established alternatives are the mean absolute scaled error ( MASE ) and the mean squared error.
  • An absolute scale can only be applied to measurements in which a true minimum is known to exist.
  • Absolute scales are used when precise values are needed in comparison to a natural, unchanging zero point.
  • The process takes place at temperatures ranging from, and pressures ranging from atmospheric to ( absolute scale ).
  • _" Relative bargains are a good investment even if they are ludicrous on an absolute scale ."
  • It would be very difficult to provide an absolute scale for sensitivity with respect to the different properties of explosives.
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