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absconding meaning

"absconding" in a sentence

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  • [Law]
    n. The failure of a person to surrender to the custody of a court in order to avoid legal proceedings. See alsoSURRENDER TO CUSTODY.


  • On the development and perfection of the system of demanding back absconding funds
  • All of them have been absconding since the FIR was lodged.
  • They also expressed concern over the possibility of absconding Chinese tourists.
  • There were several incidents of convicted sex offenders absconding from Prescoed.
  • Meanwhile, Kline asked the Legislature to make absconding a specific crime.
  • The killer husband and his the members of his family are absconding.
  • Balasubramanian has been absconding since investigators charged him last month.
  • Saifee, indicted as an absconding defendant, is currently in Britain.
  • After absconding from the Navy, he returned to England.
  • He is absconding but then leaves his key at a secret place.
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