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abdominal cavity meaning

Synonyms of "abdominal cavity""abdominal cavity" in a sentence
  • Noun: abdominal cavity
    1. The cavity containing the major viscera; in mammals it is separated from the thorax by the diaphragm
      - abdomen

    Derived forms: abdominal cavities

    See also: celiac

    Type of: bodily cavity, cavity, cavum

    Part of: abdomen, belly, stomach, venter

    Encyclopedia: Abdominal cavity

  • [Medicine]
    The region in the abdomen extending from the thoracic DIAPHRAGM to the plane of the superior pelvic aperture (pelvic inlet). The abdominal cavity contains the PERITONEUM and abdominal VISCERA,as well as the extraperitoneal space which includes the RETROPERITONEAL SPACE.n : ABDOMEN 1b
  • The stomach is a large pouch located high in the abdominal cavity.
  • Infection spreads to the membranes lining the abdominal cavity and supporting the organs within it. this condition is known as peritonitis.
  • Nonsurgical therpies for the gut and abdominal cavity
  • Flowing over abdominal cavity of cancer cells during the operation
  • This muscle runs obliquely downwards inside the abdominal cavity
  • Single use puncture needle for internal organs and abdominal cavity
  • Medico-legal assessment of blood accumulation in human abdominal cavity caused by penetrating wounds
  • Other vital organs inside the abdominal cavity include the liver, the kidneys, the pancreas and the spleen
  • Image 3 : coronal scan showing large dilated bowel protruding outside the abdominal cavity with debris inside
  • The clinical analysis of antibiotics irrigation into abdominal cavity in the treatment of 60 cases with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
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