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a sharp wit meaning

  • [American slang]
    Fig. a good and fast ability to make jokes and funny comments.
      Terry has a sharp wit and often makes cracks that force people to laugh aloud at inappropriate times.
  • And he has a sharp wit, particularly when needling his teammates.
  • David Angell was a man with a sharp wit and a gentle way.
  • She possesses good bedside manners, common sense, and a sharp wit.
  • He has been known for a sharp wit and a talent for naming horses.
  • And both show Tibetans as people who laugh and joke readily and have a sharp wit.
  • He also had a sharp wit.
  • He also had a sharp wit and a keen, sometimes childish, sense of humor.
  • Marie de Hautefort were described as a proud, virtuous and beauty with a sharp wit.
  • In Sharpton's favor stand a sharp wit, courage and a remarkable talent for publicity.
  • "Sweet and Vicious " is impressive : It has a sharp wit and a sustained edge.
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