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a shares meaning

"a shares" in a sentence
  • [Economics]
    In the USA, the most important class of ordinary share. A shares usually have greater voting power than B shares and may carry various other privileges.
  • We unite to pursue a shared objective.
  • Where is your maotai ? take it out and let 's have a share.
  • We all have a share in this task.
  • The shares are currently being quoted at 54 pence a share.
  • Gentlemen, am i not to come in for a share of the profits?
  • He persistently asserted his right to a share in the heritage.
  • She had not the faintest claim to a share in mr. touchett's relic.
  • Spain, however, was determined to have a share in the spice trade.
  • It would be totally out of her power to take a share in the personal charge of the child.
  • In principle we willingly admit the russians'right to a share in the italian fleet.
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