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a crying shame meaning

"a crying shame" in a sentence

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  • [American slang]
    Fig. a very unfortunate situation; a real shame.
      It's a crying shame that people cannot afford adequate housing.
      That your father could not attend graduation was a crying shame.


  • It's a crying shame, the way they treat their children
  • I think it's a crying shame that hospitals have to close some of their wards through lack of staff
  • To have the river destroy this thing is a crying shame.
  • "It's a crying shame ."
  • It's a crying shame is what it is.
  • This is all a crying shame, and it has to stop.
  • "It's a crying shame,"
  • "I think it's a crying shame,"
  • That competition among children has reached this stage is a crying shame.
  • It will be a crying shame if this is eradicated.
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