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sir walter ralegh meaning

"sir walter ralegh" in a sentence
  • He also belonged to the overlapping group around Sir Walter Ralegh.
  • In 1618, according to Chamberlain, he penned the defence of Sir Lewis Stukeley against the charge of betraying Sir Walter Ralegh.
  • In 2001 Aronson won the first Robert F . Sibert Medal for nonfiction for " Sir Walter Ralegh and the Quest for El Dorado ".
  • He was a juryman at the trial of Sir Walter Ralegh on 15 September 1603, when through some misunderstanding he incurred the displeasure of the attorney-general.
  • Topics include : the execution of Sir Walter Ralegh; an epitaph for William Camden; an epistle to Baudius; and verses on the naturalists Rondeletius and Lobelius.
  • In 1897, he published " Sir Walter Ralegh " and " Philip II of Spain, " the latter monograph showing insight and independence of view.
  • The four nominations from Jersey, which falls within the BBC's South West broadcasting region, were Gerald Durrell, Sir Walter Ralegh, Sir Billy Butlin and Albert Bedane.
  • Throughout his career he played a prominent role in some of the most important political trials of Elizabeth s reign including that of Mary, Queen of Scots, and Sir Walter Ralegh.
  • Past supporters, who had shown sympathy with Udall's religious views in earlier days, including Sir Walter Ralegh and Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, interested themselves on his behalf.
  • On his retirement Brushfield settled at Budleigh Salterton, living in a Georgian house known as The Cliff, Cliff Road in Budleigh Salterton on the east Devon coast, near Hayes Barton, the birthplace of Sir Walter Ralegh.
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