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pacific ocean meaning

"pacific ocean" in a sentence
  • Noun: Pacific Ocean
    1. The largest ocean in the world
      - Pacific

    Derived forms: Pacific Oceans

    Type of: ocean

    Encyclopedia: Pacific Ocean

  • Please tell me the mechanics of how the pacific ocean plate moves.
  • The pacific ocean occupies nearly an entire hemisphere and is roughly twice the size of the atlantic.
  • Winds from the pacific ocean are forced abruptly upward by a succession of mountain ranges along the west coast.
  • The scenery is beautiful near the pacific ocean
  • The astronauts splashed down in the pacific ocean
  • The scenery is beautiful near the pacific ocean
  • There are countless islands in the pacific ocean
  • Palau in the pacific ocean is such an island
  • Our ship will sail across the pacific ocean next week
  • pacific ocean park, once described as superior ..
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