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macintosh file system meaning

"macintosh file system" in a sentence
  • [Computer]
    <file system> A file on the Macintosh consists of two parts, called forks. The "data fork" contains the data which would normally be stored in the file on other operating systems. The "resource fork" contains a collection of arbitrary attribute/value pairs, including program segments, icon bitmaps, and parametric values. Yet more information regarding Macintosh files is stored by the Finder in a hidden file, called the "Desktop Database".

    Because of the complications in storing different parts of a Macintosh file in non-Macintosh file systems that only handle consecutive data in one part, it is common to only send the Data fork or to convert the Macintosh file into some other format before transferring it.
  • The early Apple Macintosh also featured a flat file system, the Macintosh File System.
  • Macintosh file systems have a separate area for metadata distinct from either the data or resource fork.
  • The Macintosh File System did not support volumes over 20 MB in size, or about 1, 400 files.
  • Originally conceived and implemented by programmer Bruce Horn, the resource fork was used for three purposes with Macintosh file system.
  • The HyperDrive was considered an elite upgrade at the time, though it was hobbled by Apple's Macintosh File System, which had been designed to manage 400K floppy disks; as with other early Macintosh hard disks, the user had to segment the drive such that it appeared to be two or more partitions, called Drawers.
  • The Mac Plus has 128 KB of ROM on the motherboard, which is double the amount of ROM that's in previous Macs; the then-new System software and ROMs included routines to support SCSI, the then-new 800 KB floppy drive, and the Hierarchical File System ( HFS ), which uses a true directory structure on disks ( as opposed to the earlier MFS, Macintosh File System in which all files were stored in a single directory, with one level of pseudo-folders overlaid on them ).
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