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elaeis oleifera meaning

"elaeis oleifera" in a sentence
  • Here's a link saying that " Ojon " is the Miskito word for Elaeis oleifera.
  • I think " Elaeis oleifera " is just the vulgar American oil palm, which gives the common palm oil.
  • Is it just the trade mark-name for a plant, that we all know as " Elaeis oleifera "?
  • ""'Elaeis oleifera " "'is a species of South and Central America from Honduras to northern Brazil.
  • In short, " ojon " is a trademark, it is also the name of " Elaeis oleifera " in the language of the Miskito people.
  • The closely related American oil palm " Elaeis oleifera " and a more distantly related palm, " Attalea maripa ", are also used to produce palm oil.
  • Maybe the soil is special there, maybe there " is " a variety, but I couldn't find any evidence that it's anything other than " Elaeis ", usually and in the Mistiko case " Elaeis oleifera " .---Sluzzelin 15 : 27, 17 February 2007 ( UTC)
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