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-ana meaning

  • /-ä-nə or -ā-nə/ or -iana /-i-ä-nə or -ā-nə/
      Denoting things belonging to or typical of (a specified person), such as sayings, anecdotes, small objects, etc, eg Johnsoniana or Victoriana (the latter generally used in reference to the time of Queen Victoria rather than to Victoria herself)
      ORIGIN: L neuter pl ending of adjs in -anus
Other Languages
  • "-ana" meaning in Chinese: 后缀〔附在人名地名后〕表示“语录,逸话,杂记,集”: Shakespeariana 莎士比亚轶事集。
  • "-ana" meaning in Russian: 1) от географических названий и фамилий образует сущ. со з...
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