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compensation rule in Chinese

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  • 报酬规则
  • Based on the default liability system and internal relations , the paper focuses on , discussing issues , reflecting the compensation rules in the contract restrictions and the needs to balance the interests of society
  • Chapter four briefs the determination of harmful consequences and differences in compensation by the two laws , formulates the determination of goods damage compensation amount and the compensation rule to legal consequences caused by diversion
  • The version of the legislative interpretation of the state restitution law shows that inflictions caused by public facilities should be applied to civil compensation rules , and their subjects liable for compensation shall be the enterprise or the public institution in charge of the public facilities
  • So , this paper that is based on the their own characteristics and their status , discusses the salary system ’ status and problems of the middle and small - scale iron and steel enterprise , and point out some new creative thoughts according to the compensation rules of the shuicheng iron & steel group company and nanjing iron & steel united co . , ltd . in the principle which retaining and motivating the key staff is mainly and recruiting the employees from the external is supply , we should do seriously the job analyze and post appraisal , and adopt the market pay level which is the hybrid policy . in the additions , in the guidance of the hierarchy of the need theory , takes the deference measures to design the compensation structure according to the executive 、 the middle and low level manager 、 technicians and operative employee doing the contributions to the enterprise , adjusts the ratios of fixed wages and variable wages , uses the annual salary system for the executive , implementing the dual ladders to the managers and the technicians
  • So the protect scope and manners , the procedure of gain , use , and transfer , compensation rules etc . was determined by legislation to ensure the trust property s safety and to protect the basic right of the investors and the beneficiaries . . all the transactions should be carried under certain rules in the market - oriented economy environment
  • To solve this inconsistency effectively , we don ’ t confine to one single fusion method or wavelet coefficients fusion rule , but combine them together and improve them . we consider several eigenvectors of the input images synthetically , and use the discrete biorthogonal wavelet transform at the lowest decomposition level to fulfill the new cwt - ihs multisensor remote sensing image fusion algorithm based on color compensation rule
    为了有效地解决这一矛盾,本文不局限于单一的图像融合方法和小波系数融合规则,而是将各种方法和规则结合起来并加以改进,综合考虑输入图像的多个特征向量,用最低层的离散双正交小波变换实现了一种新的基于颜色补偿的cwt - ihs多源卫星遥感图像融合算法。
  • Part 1 is the historic survey and related theoretical review of compensation management , in which collective knowledge and command of the condition and evolving tendency of compensation management can be achieved with the summing - up of the development and transformation of typical compensation theories , home and abroad . part 2 deals with compensation management and rules , which mainly introduces the background and operation procedures of compensation management and ordinary forms of compensation rules . part 3 is the redesign of the compensation system of hj company
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