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铸铁锅炉 cast-iron boiler
铸铜 cast copper
铸铜车间 brass foundry
铸锭 keelblook
铸锭台 teeming platform
铸锭坑 casting pit
铸锭工 pourer
铸锭机 pig moulding machine
铸锭模 ingot mould
铸锭间 pouring bay
铹化合物 Lawrencium compound
铹同位素 Lawrencium isotope
铹络合物 Lawrencium complex
铺位 bunk
铺保 guarantee for a person,given...
铺叙 narrate in detail
铺地板十方 lay 10 square metres of wood...
铺地砖 floor tile
铺垫 bedding foreshadowing
铺天盖地 blot out the sky and cover u...
铺子 shop
铺家 shop
铺展 spread out
铺床 make the bed
铺床叠被 prepare sb.'s couch and arra...
铺床拍枕 tidy the bed and puff up the...
铺底 the furniture and odds and e...
铺底流动资金 start-up capital
铺张 extravagant
铺张扬厉 keep up appearances and be w...
铺张浪费 extravagance and waste
铺张的花费 an extravagant expenditure
铺张门面 make much of a little
铺户 shop
铺排 put in order
铺板 bed board
铺盖 spread out a sheet,a piece o...
铺盖卷儿 bedding roll steamed roll
铺砌 pave
铺稻草 spread straw
铺衬 small pieces of cloth used f...
铺设 spread out
铺设友谊之路 open up a path of friendship
铺设双轨 lay a double-track
铺设油管 lay oil pipes oil tube
铺设煤气管道 lay down gas pipes
铺设管路 lay pipe
铺设道岔 lay a switch
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