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进口港 port of import
进口申报 declaration for import
进口登记证明书 registration certificate of ...
进口盈利指数 import profit indices
进口税 import duty
进口税则 import tariff
进口签证更改 imports amendment
进口签证许可制 import licensing system
进口管制 import control
进口统计表 import list
进口补报 post entry
进口补贴 import subsidy
进口许可证 import licence
进口许可证制 import licence system
进口许可证明 certificate of import licenc...
进口货物 import cargoes
进口货物估价表 import valuation list
进口货物报单 entry for consumption
进口贸易量指数 index number of import quant...
进口资金融通 import financing
进口跟单汇票 inward documentary bill
进口过境单 transit pass for imports
进口违禁品 contraband of import
进口配额 import quota
进口量 import volume
进口附加税 import surcharge
进口限额 import quota
进口黄金点 import gold point
进场 march into the arena approac...
进场信标 approach beacon
进场区 approach zone
进场图 approach pattern
进场失败 missed approach
进场导航 approach navigation
进场待令飞机 approach sequence aircraft
进场指挥雷达 approach control radar
进场指示器 approach indicator
进场次序 approach sequence
进场管理 approach control
进场管理业务 approach control service
进场管理员 approach controller
进场管理塔 approach control tower
进场管理设备 approach control facility
进场航向 approach course
进场路线 approach course
进城 go into town
进士 a successful candidate in th...
进大学 enter college
进宫朝见 be presented at court
银行支票 bank check
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