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贸迁有无 Each supplies what the other...
贸首之仇 so full of hatred that each ...
费一番唇舌 take a lot of explaining or ...
费九牛二虎之力 make Herculean efforts
费事 give or take a lot of troubl...
费人思索 exhaust one's mind to think
费力 need or use great effort
费力不讨好 do a hard but thankless job
费劲 need or use great effort
费口舌 require a lot of talking
费密能级 Fermi level
费尽喉舌 do a lot of talking
费尽心力 make much ado about...
费尽心机 tax one's ingenuity
费尽心血 spend one's blood
费工 take a lot of work
费工夫 take time and energy
费很大口舌说服某人 take a lot of talking to con...
费很大气力 exert great efforts
费心 give a lot of care
费心劳力 take a lot of trouble
费手脚 take much handwork and footw...
费无极 Fei Wuji
费时 take time
费时费力 waste time and energy
费用 cost
费用不应超出你们偿还能力的限度 The expenses should be limit...
费用从五元到十元不等 The charge varies from 5 yua...
费用以二百元为限 The expenses shall not excee...
费用高得使人不敢问津 The expense is prohibitive.
费神 may I trouble you
费脑筋 rack one's brains ideas
费舌劳唇 talk oneself out of breath
费解 hard to understand
费话 do a lot of talking
费钱 cost a lot
贺仪 present for wedding,birthday...
贺信 congratulatory letter
贺动 congratulate
贺喜 congratulate sb. on a happy ...
贺客盈门 Friends crowded door,offerin...
贺年 extend New Year greetings or...
贺年片 New Year card
贺电 congratulatory telegram
贺知章 He Zhizhang
贺礼 gift
贺词 speech of congratulation
make a gift of sth.
贻人口实 provide one's critics with a...
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