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贴面板 thick china
贴面砖 face tile
贴面磁砖 furring tile
贴面胶合板 faced plywood
贴题 relevant
贴饼子 bake corn or millet cakes on...
贴饽饽 bake wheat or corn cakes on ...
贵人 a high-ranking government of...
贵人多忘 A man of distinction always ...
贵价 your messenger or boy
贵体违和 Your precious health was not...
贵国 your country
贵妃 highest-ranking imperial con...
贵姓 your surname
贵客 distinguished guest
贵客盈门 The house was full of distin...
贵宾 distinguished guest
贵宾们依次就座 The honoured guests took the...
贵宾休息室 reserved lounge
贵宾席 seats for distinguished gues...
贵宾房间 stateroom
贵州 Guizhou
贵庚 May I know your age? a surna...
贵府 your home a surname
贵恙 your illness
贵族 noble
贵族世家 a noble family
贵族出身 a man of noble birth
贵族名册 peerage
贵族血统 blue blood
贵族阶层 aristocracy
贵精不贵多 Things are valued for their ...
贵耳贱目 trust one's ears rather than...
贵胄 the descendants of nobles
贵贱上下 high and low
贵迁 Gui Qian
贵重 valuable
贵重物品 valuables
贵重药品 costly medicines
贵金属 noble metal
贵阁名媛 a great lady
贵阳 Guiyang
贷方 credit side
贷方余额 credit balance
贷方凭单 credit advice
贷方差额 credit balance
贷方帐户 credit entry
贷方票据 credit note
贷款 provide a loan
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