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贲赫 Ben He
贲门 cardia
hire out
贴上标签 stick on a label
贴乏了的膏药 worn-out plaster
贴切 apt
贴切的引语和珠玑般的诗句为他的演说词增添文采 The apt citations and poetic...
贴墙站着 stand against the wall
贴心 intimate
贴心朋友 close friend
贴心话 confidential talk
贴心贴意 amiable and obliging
贴息 pay interest in the form of ...
贴换 trade sth. in
贴本 lose money in a business
贴水 discount for inferior coins ...
贴水日 marking-up day
贴水率 contango rate
贴现 discount
贴现人 applicant for a discount
贴现价值 discounted value
贴现信贷 discount credit
贴现公司 discount company
贴现利息 discount interest
贴现商行 discount house
贴现市场 discount market
贴现政策 discount policy
贴现期限 term of discount
贴现率 discount rate
贴现票据 notes on discount
贴现银行 discount bank
贴现银行债券 discount bank debenture
贴膏药 apply a plaster
贴花 appliqué
贴花刺绣品 elysee work
贴花纸 decal paper
贴花织物 appliqué
贴补 subsidize
贴补家用 help out with the family exp...
贴身 next to the skin
贴身侍女 personal maid
贴身衣服 underclothes
贴边 facing
贴近 press close to
贴邮票 stick on a stamp
贴金 cover with gold leaf
贴钱 pay out of one's own pocket
贴面 wainscot
进口汇票 import bill
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