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衡量比率 equity ratio
衡阳 Hengyang
thoroughfare a surname
衢达 Qu Da
衣一袭 a suit of clothes
衣不蔽体 be dressed in rags
衣不解带 not to undress
衣冠 hat and clothes
衣冠不整 one's cap and robe not in pr...
衣冠冢 a tomb containing personal e...
衣冠整齐 be neatly dressed crown
衣冠文物 civilization and culture
衣冠枭獍 a man of standing with good ...
衣冠楚楚 immaculately dressed luxuria...
衣冠禽兽 a beast in human clothing
衣冠齐楚 be smartly dressed
衣分 ginning outturn
衣夹 clothes peg
衣帛食肉 wear silk and eat flesh
衣帽架 clothes tree fight
衣帽间 cloakroom a surname
衣敝履穿 in ragged clothes and worn-o...
衣料 apparel fabric
衣暖食饱 be warmly clothed and well f...
衣服 clothing
衣服上沾了墨水 get ink on one's dress
衣服上的饰物 dress ornaments
衣服上缀满了珠子 The garment is studded with ...
衣服合身 fit
衣服夹子 clothes-peg
衣服尺寸 measurements of a garment
衣服已经洗了三和 The clothes have been rinsed...
衣服撕了个口儿 tear a hole in one's jacket
衣服有点儿发潮 The clothes feel a bit damp.
衣服样子 clothes pattern
衣服油了 The coat has got oil stains ...
衣服湿透 wet to the skin
衣服穿得漂亮 be prettily dressed
衣服穿旧了 The clothes show signs of we...
衣服穿烂了 The clothes are worn-out. me...
衣服要勤洗勤换 Clothes should be changed an...
衣服都溻了 My clothes are drenched with...
衣服里儿 the lining of a coat
衣架 clothes stand
衣架儿 clothes hanger
衣架饭囊 a good-for-nothing person
衣柜 wardrobe
衣橱 wardrobe
衣温食饱 be in good keep
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