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街心公园 parking
街谈巷议 town talk
街车广告 car card
街道 street
街道上的一层冰 a layer of ice on the street
街道上的嘈杂声 street noises
街道两侧种着柳树 Willows are planted on both ...
街道两边 both sides of the street
街道办事处 subdistrict office
街道办学 street committee setting up ...
街道劳动服务站 labour service companies on ...
街道又宽又直 The streets are wide and str...
街道噪音 street noise
街道居民委员会 neighbourhood committee
街道工业 neighbourhood industry
街道工厂 neighbourhood factory
街道拥塞 streets jammed with traffic
街道教育 neighbourhood education
街道服务站 neighbourhood service center
街道照明 street lighting
街面儿上 in the street neighbourhood
街面道路 frontage road
yamen,government office in f...
衙内 officials as palace guards
衙博 Ya Bo
衙役 yamen runner
衙门 yamen,government office in f...
衙门作风 bureaucratic style of work
衙门化的经营方法 run industrial and commercia...
衚衕 lane
the graduated arm of a steel...
衡伯 a surname
衡伯元 Henbo Yuan
衡咸 Heng Xian
衡器 weighing apparatus weigh
衡宇 houses
衡山 Hengshan Mountain in Hunan
衡平 weigh and consider in order ...
衡平权 equitable interest
衡情度理 considering the circumstance...
衡消 balance out
衡消接收 neutrodyne reception
衡消法 null method
衡算 accounting
衡视 look horizontally
衡重体 counterpoise
衡重杆 balanced weight lever
衡量 weigh
衡量得失 weigh up the gains and losse...
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