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衍导课本 scrambled book
衍射 diffraction
衍射线 diffracted ray
衍射角 angle of diffraction
衍文 redundancy due to misprintin...
衍沃之区 rich and fertile region
衍溢四海 overflowing to the four seas
衍生 derive
衍生物 derivative
衍进 differentiation
衎然 Kan Ran
hold in the mouth
衔冤 nurse a bitter sense of wron...
衔冤而死 die with one's name uncleare...
衔华佩实 bear both flowers and fruits...
衔尾相随 walk in Indian file
衔恨 harbour resentment
衔悲茹恨 harbour sorrow and resentmen...
衔接 link up
衔枚疾走 hastening with mouth gags
衔环相报 be like the wounded bird,who...
衔着烟斗 have a pipe between one's te...
衔石填海 carry stones in the beak to ...
衔草营巢 gather grasses for a nest
衔铁 armature
衔铁振动 armature chatter
街上乱哄哄的 the street being in a hubbub
街上来往的人很多 There are many people coming...
街上没有多少人了 There were few people in the...
街上积了厚厚一层尘土 Dust lay thick in the street...
街上行人稀少 There were few people in the...
街坊 neighbour
街坊房屋 terrace house
街坊邻里 one's neighbours and people ...
街垒 street barricade
街头 street corner
街头乐师 street musician
街头乞讨 beg for food in the streets
街头剧 street-corner skit
街头卖唱 sing as a minstrel in the st...
街头卖艺 perform in the streets
街头叫卖声 street cry
街头巷尾 streets and lanes
街头示威 street demonstration
街市 downtown streets
街心 the middle of a street
街心停车 central parking
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