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行距 array pitch
行距铅条 justified line
行踪 whereabouts
行踪不定 here today and gone tomorrow
行踪不明 One's whereabout is unknown.
行踪诡秘 surreptitious in one's movem...
行踪飘忽 be slippery as an eel
行车 bridge crane
行车安全 driving safety
行车执照 driver's license
行车时探身窗外是危险的 It is dangerous to lean out ...
行车速度 running speed
行车速率 driving speed
行车里程 mileage
行辈 seniority in the family or c...
行输出 line output
行过于言 be better than one's words
行进 process
行进到农村去 a march into the country
行远自迩 no matter how distant your g...
行迟 retardation of walking
行述 a brief biography of a decea...
行迹 trace
行速 scanning frequency
行道 trade
行都 temporary capital
行酒 serve wine to guests
行销 be on sale
行销全国 be on sale throughout the co...
行销全球 be on sale all over the worl...
行键 line unit
行长 president
行门 line gate
行间 in army service between the ...
行间中耕机 row-crop cultivator
行间作物 row crop
行间耕作 row-crop work
行间锄草 inter-row hoeing
行间间隙 interline gap
行间隔 string space
行阶 row order
行院 dwelling of prostitute or ac...
行频 line frequency
行香 hold or participate in a pra...
行驶 go
行驶速度 running speed
行骗 practice fraud
spread out
衍化 derivation
衍变 develop
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