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贮藏室 storeroom
贮藏寿命 shelf-life
贮藏所 repository
贮藏物 storage
贮藏箱 bing
贮藏货币 hoarding of money
贮藏车 accumulator car
pass through
贯串 run through
贯众 Cyrtomium fortunei the rhizo...
贯入 injection
贯入载荷 penetration load
贯彻 carry out
贯彻以预防为主的医疗方针 carry out the policy of putt...
贯彻始终 prosecute to the end
贯彻婚姻法运动 movement for the implementat...
贯彻某人的意图 carry out sb.'s intention
贯注 concentrate on
贯穿 run through breakthrough
贯穿切割 through cutting
贯穿术 transfixion
贯穿深度 depth of penetration
贯穿理论 transversal theory
贯穿轴 through-going shaft
贯穿辐射 penetrating radiation
贯穿进给 through feed
贯穿针 transfixion pin
贯通 have a thorough knowledge of
贯通南北 running due north and due so...
贯通连接 through connection
贯高 Guan Gao
贰心 disloyalty
贰臣 an official who retains his ...
贰轸 Er Zhen
贱买贱卖 buy and sell at low prices
贱买贵卖 buy cheap and sell dear
贱卖 sell cheap
贱如土苴 cheap as dirt
贱姓 my name
贱恙 my illness
贱民 people of a lower social sta...
贱狗 pariah dog
贱琼 Jian Qiong
贱相毕露 One's bad countenance is fla...
贱骨头 miserable wretch
贱鸢 pariahkite
beautifully decorated
贲临 presence
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